About me

My name is Viktor Mazhlekov, and I am an artist. My style of painting is astral postrealism.

I was born as creator, just like everyone human being. I was lucky that my parents have made me happy by tossing over the pencils to my side. Ever since I haven’t stopped creating, this is my life.

My favorite creative areas are Painting, Animated movies and Game design. I like to experiment, no matter what I have taken. I have seven solo exhibitions.

Sometimes I have fun by making sculptures and Architecture
I keep on creating… :)

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Astral Postrealism

Astral postrealism is an artistic style the gravity field of which is the study of emotions and perceptions. The leading idea of this trend is not that much the ability for intellectual understanding and rationalizing of matters as the talent to feel things deeply and integrate them into authentic mental universes.
The style gains distinction with its bright palette of colours and rich expressiveness of details. They all contribute to the building of composition made of forms beyond the actual existence; forms which tear apart all limits of our long-established ideas and take us on a journey to the kingdom of original purity. There, eliminating all conventionalities, it reveals to us different physical laws, unusual perspectives and a sense of visual diving into the subconscious.
The impact of the astral postrealism is magnetic and fancy. It merges dreams with reality. It unlocks the various powers of creativity, provokes them to explore unknown emotional depths and unleashes the imagination to make it simple and pure as that of a child.