“World of Dabado” is а puzzle RPG, indie game with isometric world and multiple two-dimensional logical levels. The player takes the role of a being named Agomo, “accidentally” caught in the world called “Dabado”. In the game you will go through many puzzles, adventures, mysterious places, mystical characters, strange adversaries and exciting story.
The uniqueness of the game is within its hand made art, creative gameplay and the positive impact on the player.

The game will distinguishes with its unique visual style and unusual gameplay, which will often reward actions that develop the ability to go beyond standard thinking, that is to say, encouraging bold decisions based on intuition. It will also be a real challenge for players trying to solve all game secrets and improve their score. Practically an endless opportunity to replay the logical levels will give the player an unforgettable experience for a long time.

Advantages of the game:

Enchanting gameplay
Charge the player with a positive mood
Bearer of valuable knowledge
Practically an endless opportunity for replay
Stimulates logical thinking
Expands the worldview

The store is the place where a player can buy variety of goodies that facilitate the game and unlock various functionalities.

The development of the game is divided into several stages.
1: In the first stage there will be a complete world map with main character, 10 main and 15 additional logical levels scattered on the map, as well as a brief history.
2: In the second version, there will be added 3 more main and 19 additional levels, store, online ranglist and translation in several languages.
3: In the third final stage will be created complete role-playing system with opponents, skills, dialogues, quests, riddles, many new locations, etc. The story of the game will reach its depth.
The game will be released on the market with its first version and will be supplemented with regular updates.

The world map, also the biggest part of the game, is entirely painted on paper with pencils and watercolors, and every detail of it is unique. This visual style conveys a special charm to the game and brings aesthetic delight and joy to the player. Creating a joyful sense of play is one of my main goals.

One of the main elements of the game is the story which smoothly bring the player into the fantasy world and the personal experience of the protagonist.

Each level is separate practice that the protagonist masters.

The game have several types of levels, each type have its own gameplay and uniqueness. In the main levels (as above), the player will collect bonuses and accumulate a score that he / she will be able to record in the online ranglist.

At base levels, the player uses building blocks to reach the desired bonuses by building different constructions.