Viktor Mazhlekov, painter, concept artist, animator and game designer

I love to create paintings, sculptures, games, drawings, animated movies and everything I consider for a challenge. I believe that we are born to create and this is the road to our evolution. My passion are games and animated movies, my greatest desire is to inspire people.
After playing hundreds of games my passion evolved and I started to flesh out the game concepts which are in my mind. The games I develop currently are one puzzile game – “Constructor World” for PC and mobile platforms, one PRG-RTS game – “Heroes of the Hive” and one pure RPG game – “Secret island” for PC.
My desire is to find and work with talented and devoted team which burns to create games and inspire people.

“Constructor World”

This is a puzzle game type constructor, in which the player has a set of building blocks, which can build a variety of structures. The goal is to build such a tower to reach the key to the next level while maintaining appropriate balance of structure and collected as many items and bonuses scattered throughout space.

“Heroes of the hive”

„Heroes of the hive“ is story driven RPG – RTS game. Set in a fantasy micro world called  “The Hive”. This is a place where live hundreds of different races. The focus of the game is placed on race “Cocoona” who inhabit a small part of The Hive.

“Secret World”

“Secret World” is a game which immerse the player in mystical underground world where he have the opportunity to explore unusual fantasy environment, follow twisted nonlinear plot. The game will challenge the player with its bizarre gameplay, mysteries, actions and their consequences, non linear quest and puzzles. The setting will use most of the rules of Classical CRPGs and in the same time will create its own unique gameplay rules based on single and multiplayer experience.

“Portals – animated CG film/concepts”

The Animated move “PORTALS“ tells us a story about one essence and her journey. During her journey she goes through many worlds and adventures, gaining experience. She undergoes many metamorphoses and transformations. Gone a long way and thousands of transformations the essence reaches her endpoint, to realize that there awaits new beginning, that she was not alone either for a second during her long time and she always had the support of the all because she is part of it. The soul meets another soul and both merge and continue …

Here is link to the film trailer PORTALS


Oil on canvas


Mixed technique/ pencil, aquarelle, tempera

“Digital/concept art”

Some fan art for the game “Torment: Tides of Numenera”