Play online: Dabado demo version 0.3

Hi there! I’m confident that “World of Dabado” will have a huge positive effect upon players. However, to complete the first version, I need some funds. Anyone, desiring to help, whether with investor or philanthropist contact, personal financial involvement or C # and Unity is very welcome. You can drop me a line at mazhlekov(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks!

World of Dabado is a puzzle/RPG game, with deep nonlinear story, unusual fantasy world and multiple two dimensional puzzle Levels.The player takes role of a being called Agomo, “accidentally” caught in the island country “Dabado.” He explores the world, get involved in many adventures, quests and riddles, complete dozens puzzles, find secret places, meet mystical characters and strange opponents, fight for his freedom with intelligent enemies, learns exciting stories and Кnowledge.

The game uniqueness is in its hand made visual style and unusual gameplay, which often rewards actions beyond standard thinking. It is also a real challenge for anyone, trying to solve all game secrets and improve the score. Practically an endless opportunity to replay the game gives and unforgettable experience for a long time.

Game advantages:

– Positive gameplay;
– Unique handmade art;
– Dozens puzzle Levels, which develop logical thinking;
– Deep storyline, dialogues, and nonlinear quests;
– Exploration;
– Unique NPCs and enemies;
– Huge replayability.

Store is the place where a player can buy variety of goodies, that facilitate the game and unlock various functionalities.

Game development is divided to several stages. It allows me to present a playable game at the early stages, which will update with new content over time. At the first development stage, will appear “Dabado puzzles”, completely puzzle-oriented game. It will contain dozens of puzzle levels arranged in a complete adventure campaign. It will be stand alone product.

The second stage is the development of the real game – puzzle RPG “World of Dabado”. In addition to the puzzles, there will be an epic story, a whole world to explore, many dialogues, quests, characters, opponents and many other RPG elements. World of Dabado will be divided into a minimum of 3 versions, which will allow me to launch a full-fledged role-playing game long before it’s full completion.

The game will appear on PC, Mobile, Nintendo Switch and more.

World map, as well the biggest part of the game, is entirely painted on paper with pencils and watercolors, and every detail of it is unique. This visual style conveys a special charm to the game and brings aesthetic delight and joy to the player. Creating a joyful sense of play is one of my main goals.

One of the main elements of the game is the story, which involve the player into the fantasy world and the personal experience of the protagonist.

Each level is separate practice that the protagonist masters.

The game have several types of levels; Main Levels, Additional Levels, Bonus Levels, Secret Levels and Unique Levels, each type have its own gameplay and uniqueness. In the Main Levels (as above), the player will collect bonuses and accumulate a score that he / she will be able to record in the online ranglist.
In Main Levels, the player uses building blocks to reach the desired bonuses by building different constructions.

Dabado demo version 0.3 – gameplay of Main Level 1