Dabado Puzzles – tutorial&tips

Dabado Puzzles is not ordinary game – it’s a challenging surreal adventure with old school flavor, which bestows players with joy and satisfaction if they learn carefully game mechanics and rules. Thanks to Steam and Itch platforms, everyone can dive in it’s atmosphere and experience something new.

Your main goal is to stack blocks, reveal game secrets and progress on the World map. The gameplay is quite relaxing when you know what you do, but if you tray to play without preparation/reading rules, the game become serious challenge. In Dabado Puzzles I have implemented mechanics, that develop some very valuable players qualities like patience, logical thinking, taking nonstandard solutions, using the intuition and many others. The game is quite deep and can be played even years long, always showing something new. It also wears the spirit of the old school games, the most of which was real challenge and many players remember what mean the words: “The harder is the fight, the sweeter is the Victory”. Despite, some of the players find Dabado Puzzles hard and call it “the Dark Souls of the puzzle genre”, like said Lily in her gorgeous Review, but the situation is more like “The Owls Are Not What They Seem”. The game is hard only from first look and it can be surprisingly how easy is to progress and gather the main resource – Light, if the optimal construction position is found.
Some tips to all who struggle for more Light :) Just go in to MLVL2 and create the construction by getting all Pluses, just like this:

Variant 1

Variant 1 Final score – 53 and you got 5Light
Each replay can give easily 4-6 Light for about minute or two. It’s really easy, because have only 3 type BLs and the Random generator haven’t so much weight in messing our strategy. I had luck to find the Secret Box and to get one Button too :)
One more try:

Variant 2

Variant 2 Final score – 59. This time almost 60 score points
And here the brand new feature from the Dabado Puzzles Update 1.1 – Symmetry. This feature gives additional score when the construction is build in symmetrical/perfectly mirrored way. Each time you create symmetry – you get more scores. That way you will collect serious sore result and respectively Light amount when finish the level successfully.

Variant 3

Variant 3 Final score – 66 and you got 6Light. Much closer to my own record – 80 score points.
Some other tips
- Main levels are designed to be played multiple times. Getting Light is easy when make Combos (when take more than one item with one BL. The best way is to get them with green blocks – leafes) and Symmetry (when create symmetrical/perfectly mirrored construction).
- Visit Maria’s Store first, when it appear. There you can buy some useful things. The “Dice” item is very useful (just read the item description, holding the cursor upon the item), but it needs much more Buttons (Buttons are game currency and are rare). In the beginning you have 9 Buttons and finding one more, will grant you two items 100Light in case you need more Light to reach desired Levels or places.
- The blocks are 3 types: Base (with the eye on it), Middle (all except leafes and base) and 2 Light BLs (green leafes, they appear when 50% from all BLs in the stack are gone and are perfect for making big Combos – 4,5 or even 6 items can be taken at once with them). The BLs also can be broken if not placed properly. The construction also can be broken and this is part from the gameplay. Some times you need to broke some branch to start building it in other direction. Braking parts from the construction also reveal new bonuses, which is very rare, but possible.
- Don’t forget to take Pluses in the LVLs – they are 3 types and give different BLs in different order, count and type.
- Buttons appear in MLVLs with chance 1/10. You can find Buttons also in miniature hidden places over the World map, Maria’s store, Bonus LVLs (this levels are very well hidden), Unique LVLs and other places.
Every aspect from this game is designed and tested very carefully since 2013. If the player don’t learn the rules – it becomes very hard. It’s like our life, if we don’t learn from our lessons – we suffer, if we learn – we enjoy the LIFE! There are lot of mechanics, that need to be found, and then the game become joyful adventure.
You can purchase the game in Steam here:

Dabado Puzzles
P.S. don’t forget for the global score! Let’s see can you reach 1000 :) )))

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