short animated CG movie


Short animated CG movie.

Portals are the embodiment of the transition from one experience to another, while all these transitions trace out our journey. Realizing the simple truth that everything is impermanent, makes our journey an exciting adventure.

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animation movie characters


A fragment from the short movie of Simeon Sokerov ”5 times” 

For quite some time I’ve had this dream to see my paintings and characters alive in an animated movie. And it was just a happy coincidence that I met Simeon Sokerov. He liked my pictures very much, and he offered that I made the characters and the surroundings…

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production stages of an oil painting

Long Way Home

Production stages of an oil painting

This is an idea that revolved in my head probably 4-5 years. Completing the series of oil paintings “PORTALS” decided to shoot the production stages of one of the oil paintings – “Long Way Home”.

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