Secret world

“Secret World” is a game which will immerse the player in to mystical underground world where he will have the opportunity to explore unusual fantasy environment, follow twisted nonlinear plot. The game will challenge the player with its innovative gameplay and beautifully rendered isometric perspective. The game will adopt most of the rules of the Classical RPGs and in the same time will create its own unique gameplay rules based on single and multiplayer experience. The main plot of the game in one inconspicuous way will connect the world of the Mysterious Island with the knowledge and wisdom of our life, it will allow to the player immersed in the game to learn something essential for his own life, opportunity to grow spiritually and to expand his awareness.

The game will posses some unique qualities:

• Deep nonlinear plot
• Knowledge from the real world and raising the awareness of the player.
• Exploration
• Non standard and unforgettable art
• Innovative combination between single and multiplayer
• Advanced AI

Viktor Mazhlekov's /Secret World - RPG game

Game plot

An mystical island travel in space.
The old legends says, that he is a live being with his own consciousness and goals. This island exist in hidden dimension. Some times appears in our dimension, travel through space and time visiting different fantasy worlds. The origin of this island is unknown, as well his purpose, but wise beings knows, that he needs fine vibrant energy to exist. To acquire so needed energy he appears in different fantasy worlds and attract countless adventurers from those worlds. All these living beings the island trap in his inland, give him so precious life energy he needs, which comes from their thoughts, dreams and emotions. For specific needs the island gives to every attracted being challenge opportunities like, new experience, exploration and promises for undiscovered treasures. Some souls, lived long enough in this world says, that there is no escape even through the death, other tells for a places, which can terrify even the most brave adventuress.
Island’s intentions are mystery and nobody know how long he plays this game and how many beings was captured there…
On this bizarre place, the player will meet some extraterrestrial beings, which will reveal some of their secrets and desires for a change. The chose is to help them or not, and maybe In return they will respond with help too…

Viktor Mazhlekov's /Secret World - RPG game